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  • We offer Career advices, from articles if you should quit or not, how to plan for the future, and so on.
  • Our Interview articles will help you practice and prepare for the big interview. Sometimes this is the decision point if you get hired or not.
  • In our Job Search section we offer  free resume & cover letter templates, we introduce you how to use social media tools to find a job and how to create your personal brand.
  • Networking is really important when you are trying to get a job. Knowing someone could be your contact point to the hiring managers. Sometimes knowing someone could be benefitials since they can make a letter of recommendation. Tools as LinkedIn are perfect for professional networking.



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We are a website career hub to discuss job search, interview skills, career development and career change. We have top of the line human resources experts and former fortune 500 hiring managers to help you get the information and tools to succeed in your job search.

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